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Champion Thoroughbreds | Champion Thoroughbreds Faq


At Champion Thoroughbreds we pride ourselves on 100% transparency and full disclosure. We do not take the trust granted to us by our clients for granted and being a licensed syndicator, each horse is sold via a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) where you will see all the ins and outs of ownership. Covered in the purchase price, but not limited to, is the below.

  • The purchase price paid by Champion Thoroughbreds (including GST) to the auction house which the horse was purchased from
  • Veterinary and sales inspection costs
  • Six months costs (or as otherwise stated in the PDS) incurred from the day we purchase your horse. This includes breaking in, transport, all vet work, pe-training and training fees, agistment fees, etc
  • One year’s worth of fall-of-the-hammer insurance with William Inglis & Sons Insurance Pty Ltd
  • The BOBS Bonus & BOBS Extra registration fee (if eligible)
  • The Super VOBIS Bonus & VOBIS Gold registration fee (if eligible)
  • The Golden Slipper first nomination fee (if the horse is a suitable, early type)
  • The Blue Diamond first nomination fee (if the horse is a suitable, early type)
  • The applicable race series nomination fee (Magic Millions, Inglis, Karaka)
  • You won’t see a bill until your six months in!


Yes, we do charge a management fee. This fee is charged to all shareholders at a rate of $50.00 per month per shareholder. This fee covers administration of the horse and management tasks as well as ongoing costs for supplying information to shareholders and for decision-making processes among shareholders, which will occur from time to time.

Administration of this kind will ensure that owners will receive only one centralized bill per month that outlines all actual costs from suppliers.Two invoices per month: one from the trainer and one from Champion Thoroughbreds which collates all the external invoices from suppliers.

Unlike many other syndicators, this is a one off fee that will not increase should you decide to purchase another share in another horse with Champion Thoroughbreds. No matter what your share size or how many shares you own in different horses, this fee will not change.


Racehorse ownership can be more affordable than you realize. You may be unaware, but it is possible to own a 10% share in a well credentialed racehorse with one of Australia's leading stables for less than $100 a week.

In each of our yearling’s Product Disclosure Statement’s we give a full break down of the costs that your likely to be fronting when you're horse is two, three and older. However, below is a brief summation of the expenses that will be incurred.

  • Training fees which vary between different trainers and include track and pool fees depending on the training facility
  • Spelling fees are charged and our horses a thoroughly well cared for at Emeran Park, Wyong and Stonehedge, Drysdale.
  • Veterinary fees will fluctuate depending on the well being of the horse and are usually around $800 per month for 100% of a horse when in full work
  • Acceptance fees vary depending which grade race. The cost will be higher if the horse is entered in any Group or Listed races. Scratchings and Non Acceptances will also incur fees depending on the grade. There is an associated strapper fee.
  • Trials are necessary lead up non-competitive races for every preparation. The amount a horse needs to trial will vary depending on the horse. Trials vary in cost by state and there is an associated strapper fee.
  • The management fees (as mentioned above) is $49.50 per shareholder per month.
  • Other costs include farriers, chiropractors, dental work, pre-training, physiotherapy and transport to races, trials and spelling property/pre-trainers


In the past couple of years both Racing NSW and Racing Victoria have raised the amount of listed owners in the race book from 10 to 20 thus ensuring a 5% owner his or her name in the race book. As the race clubs allocate 20 tickets per horse, 5% owners are guaranteed 1 ticket, 10% owners are guaranteed 2, etc. Depending on attendees, we will allocate additional tickets to attending owners. On race day, you are entitled to the following…

  • Free course entry, members entry and owners enclosure entry for your race
  • Free racebook upon collection of entry tickets
  • Discussions with trainer and jockey pre and post race
  • Entry to winners room or losing connections room to enjoy hospitality of the race club and watch the replay of the race with the Champion Team, you trainer and your co-owners
  • Access to owners and trainers area upon race club availability


  • One itemised account from the stable, avoiding supplier administration surcharges
  • Opportunities to have private viewings of your horses at the race stable or spelling property at any given stage of its career
  • An owner log in to the Champion Thoroughbreds website
  • A surprise gift accompanying your share purchase
  • Invitations to bi-monthly open days
  • Invitations to the yearly Champion Thoroughbreds cocktail party and various other ‘owner only’ functions
  • Extremely frequent communication regarding your horse(s) via phone calls, email, text messages, newsletters, video newsletters
  • Horse equipped with Jockey Camera during trials, footage supplied to you by us
  • Complete management of paperwork
  • Many, many years of experience selecting yearlings, managing racehorses, race planning, rehoming at best price


The recommendation to geld a colt will come from Champion Thoroughbreds following consultation from the trainer and veterinarian should the horse become one or all of the following.

  • Too heavy
  • Have unmanageable behavior at the stable and/or at the races
  • Suffer a debilitating injury requiring an extended period of rehabilitation in which the colt should be kept as light as possible
  • Lack performance results on the racetrack

The first two of the above points can develop as the colt matures. If any are inhibiting the colt to reach his full potential on the racetrack, or if the weight is causing negative issues on his joints, Champion Thoroughbreds will seek approval through a majority vote with the owners, to geld the horse. The third point often requires the horse to be as light as possible for optimum healing results, thus gelding is the best option.

A vast majority of colts require gelding to ensure the optimum racing career results.


Absolutely, it’s your share and you may sell it to whomever you would like to at any point of the partnership. However, as with all investments, the share value does fluctuate depending on factors including performance, age, etc, and there may not be a buyer for it at the time you want to sell.

As a management company, we are happy to offer your share(s) to other members of your horses syndicate and organize a valuation for you from an official valuation on your behalf and at your expense.


We will take every path to ensure your horse gets its opportunity to shine and win races for you, however not all of them will match the ability of previous Champion purchases like Zabrasive, Fontiton, Ammirata or Hoss Amor. Should your horse not be showing the zest for racing that it once did or it never has, the recommendation to sell will come from the stable and the decision is up to the partnership with the majority vote being the path taken.

Should selling be the decision made by the majority we will either try to source a buyer via a bloodstock agent or recommend that it goes through a public auction at either William Inglis & Sons or Magic Millions where the public will decide on its worth.