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Champion Thoroughbreds | Champion Thoroughbreds Champion

CHAMPION THOROUGHBREDS is a company that purchases, then syndicates young race horses, so that people who would like to experience ownership of a race horse, can do so, with only a minority shareholding. Owners will have the comfort of knowing that their investment will be managed by professional, experienced, and knowledgeable people, who will ensure their purchase is given every opportunity to succeed and live up to its best racing potential.

The process involves purchasing young racehorses from yearling sales or well known stud farms to present to the market in parcelled shares (minimum 5%) in the horse for up to 20 separate individuals / syndicates. The horses will generally be valued at between $50,000 and $220,000 with a maximum syndication figure of $250,000 per horse.

Once the horse is fully syndicated, Champion Thoroughbreds will manage the career of the horse, from its initial education stage all the way through to its sale on or before retirement, in an attempt to maximise the return to shareholders, while keeping in mind the "enjoyment" aspect to this type of purchase.

Individual owners are treated as any horse owner would be – they will receive one individual itemised account for expenses incurred by each animal per month, throughout its career, each owner will get their name/syndicate name in the racebook and experience the race day involvement that ownership entails.

The distinctive red racing colours of Champion Thoroughbreds can be expected to grace Victorian racetracks in ever-growing numbers over the coming years.


To select the very best credentialed horses within an affordable cost frame to syndicate to existing and new owners, all with the input of a team of experts in different fields

To give every horse the ultimate chance of racetrack success via the best early training, spelling property, feed, veterinary treatment, training, race programming and more

To place the horses in races where they have the best chance of winning and work the horses through their grades in order to get them into the best possible races befitting their ability

To keep all owners fully informed of the whereabouts, progress and potential of the horses, whether they’re starting out their initial education, spelling, pre-training or in full work

To advise owners of the why, when and how of their horses preparations, beginning with pre-preparation reports and ending with a post preparation wrap up

To offer a superior and uncomplicated race day experience, catering from the inexperienced to very experienced racehorse owner

To provide a fun and sociable environment for all owners via an annual cocktail party (or similar), bi monthly stable open days, private viewings and race days

To represent the ‘Next Level of Racing’ - providing information via various technological platforms, such as Jockey Cam, Video Newsletters and more.