Here at Champion Thoroughbreds we aim to provide our owners with a ‘Next Level of Racing’ standard through frequent contact via multiple technological platforms so our owners are never left wondering. We hold bi-monthly Open Days here at 28 High St Randwick and, being based at the stable, we welcome drop ins at any stage to see the physical progress your horse has made or to simply have a pat. We would like to give all of our valued owners a big thank you for your flattering comments listed below.

"Hi Emma,

Thanks for everything you have done for us during the year. You have helped make our involvement with Champion, that little bit extra special.

The day we had on Cup Day at Randwick was one of the highlights of my life.
I have been going to Randwick consistently since my first time when I saw Grand Print win the Sydney Cup in 1962 and to win a race at Randwick on Cup Day with my first horse was something I still cannot describe adequately."

Neil Davidson

"Hi Emma,

Thank you so much for last Tuesday.

To have Duffy race at Randwick and experience the owners pavilion and the winners room was fantastic. For her to actually win exceeded all my expectations. I think it was a surprise for most of us given that this was the harder of the two races she was nominated for on the day.

You looked after and included everyone in what was a wonderful, exciting day and look forward to catching up with you next year when Duffy returns to racing."

Diane Condie

"I felt compelled to email you and congratulate you and the whole team at Champion Thoroughbreds as well as John O’Shea on the way you conduct your business.

As you know I have a number of horses with other syndications and you are by far ahead of all the others on integrity and in particular communication.

Your latest addition of a video with explanations of how to stretch a horse before training and competition is absolutely first class. For someone like me who has no idea how a horse is prepared and educated is a real eye opener.

As you know I come from a motor racing background where preparation is everything and it is great to see John’s preparation is the same.

I have no hesitation in recommending Champion Thoroughbreds before recommending the rest!"

Jim Hunter

"Just a short note to express our support for the professional and caring attitude for your clientele. Treating clients with profound respect has always been the way to bring success to any enterprise and indeed foster lasting loyalty. The Video Newsletter is without doubt an exciting tool for maintaining that edge.

With every good wish,"

Frances O'Shea

"We’re so exited about Super Villain following his great maiden win. I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your constant communication - we love the texts, calls and all of the emails. Thank you so much! We’re looking forward to the next outing and hope we can make it."

David Sutherland
Super Villain (NZ)

"I have been involved with horse ownership through various syndicators over the last 9 or so years. Even with some success I found that these other syndicators that claim to be the biggest/best most successful most dedicated to owners are the ones that deliver the very least and most disappointingly lack of information flow and general enjoyment. I found that they spent all their time and effort trying to promote themselves and a minimal amount of time actually looking after and updating their existing owners. I was getting more emails trying to sell me "The next Slipper/Derby/Cups winner" than what I was getting about what my current horses were up to.

Not only that it seems that some syndicators didn't even want the owners to go anywhere near their horse with it being almost impossible for stable visits. Ridiculous. (whose horse was it again?). As an owner, all you want is to be involved.

That's where Champion Thoroughbreds and especially Belle have been unbelievable. From the very first day I made contact the information flow has been absolute top class and clearly outstrips any other syndicator I have involved in. From spelling, to pre-training to training, the photos, videos and updates keep you up to date and fully involved every step of the way. They have bi-monthly stable days and they invite owners to visit their horse, even track work! You can just see that they are 100% dedicated to doing the right thing and providing a superior experience.

It's a top class team with a class trainer doing an absolute Champion job. I’m looking forward to the continuing Champion Thoroughbreds journey!"

New Owner
Dos Santos

"Thanks for all of the emails and the general flow of information you provide. I have been hugely impressed and I have been spreading the word on the great job that you do and the success within the stable."

Alan Galbraith
Ironfire (NZ)

"We have/had other horses with xxx Syndications and xxx Thoroughbreds and never received a rundown like this following a prep and what the plan is for the future.

This is the 3rd syndicator we have used and we won’t be using another. From the first telephone conversation with John O’Shea about our yearling through to the regular correspondence about our horse from Belle, it has been a professional and informative relationship that has made our love of racehorse ownership extremely enjoyable.

Nothing is too much to ask from the Champion team whether it be tickets to the races, a quick horse update, future race goals or a last minute visit to the stable to check on our horse."

Tim Waters
Diamond Oasis

"Thanks for keeping us so well informed. The initiative of the short video with John’s comments regarding our horses is a great idea – especially for we Interstate people. We have never felt so close to our trainer and horse."

Graham Lukins
Butterboom & Zoltar (NZ)

"Just thought I’d drop you a quick line to thank you for the great day on Sunday. I thought it was the best Open Day that Champion has done yet. The bacon & egg rolls went down a treat. It was great to see the King & Hoss. As owners we feel so proud when John & Jason speak so glowingly of them. And the yearlings?! If I had the cash I think I might have invested in all of them!

So when’s the next one?"

Chris Naylor
Carmine King, Hoss Amor, Ammirata

"Just a quick hello and thank you for the fabulous evening at the Champion Thoroughbreds Cocktail Party last night, great night, great food, lots to drink, what more could you ask for, my friend Nancy and I really enjoyed ourselves, so well done. I also thought that the venue is amazing and the music well suited to the mood of the evening, us oldies like the mellow tunes as opposed to all the ‘boom boom’ noise of most bands these days.

So many thanks once again,"

Penny Stuckey

"We would like to express our gratitude, to Belle in particular, and to the rest of the Champion team for making us feel like we are part of the Champion racing family. Merry Christmas to you and the team at Champion Thoroughbreds, and we look forward to rewarding New Year. Best Wishes!"

Barry Boocker
Super Villain (NZ)

"I’ve been involved with a few syndicators over the years both here in Sydney and interstate and quite frankly………..It’s a No Contest… Champion are Group 1 performers..…Jason has been involved with some wonderful thoroughbreds over the years and seems to have a good eye for a horse when it’s time to open the purse strings at all the sales.

Belle is a delightful young lady that knows the game and makes my experience with Champion terrific… It’s a relaxed environment that keeps me well informed on how my ‘kids’ are going. The best is yet to come with Champion!"

Dino Maratta
Number One Gun, First Class Flyer

"Thank you so much for having us at this morning's jump outs – we both had a great time.

Shane was impressed with the nice V on Super Villain's bottom, please pass on our thanks to the person who made him look so special for his day today. Please also thank John and Jason for letting us come down today, it was a real buzz to meet them and hear their comments on our horses.

Thank you also for making me feel so included, even though Shane is the real owner, you always make me feel welcome.

Thanks again for today, we really enjoyed it.

PS: Brekkie at Coogee was a great idea and was a really good!"

Shane & Di Humphries
Super Villain (NZ), Winsomemore (NZ)

"It has been great to be part of the journey and to see Champion evolve into a professional and successful syndicator while still maintaining a “family connection.” The open inclusion in the racehorse selection, preparation and racing process has been excellent for someone like me who likes to learn/understand the details and feel connected.

I find that John understands his horses' potential as well as the customer’s needs and delivers a comprehensive preparation program supported by a great team. I expect this will lead to greater future success, hopefully with my boys."

David Elliott
Art Thou Ready, Teo

"The information provided to us about all of our horses is second to none. We share every week with them as the horses learn their craft. John, Jason and Belle involve us in the whole experience of horse ownership, which is great.

John is a forthright, passionate and knowledgeable trainer and we are pleased to have him as our trainer. I wish success to everyone involved in the wonderful Champion Team, keep up the great work and results!"

Amanda & Don Gibson
Art Thou Ready, Wahlberg (NZ), Winsomemore (NZ), Grenache, Dos Santos, Zoltar (NZ), O'Reilly colt

"Many thanks for the constant updates. Having raced horses with other syndicators, it is certainly great to be kept in the picture.


Mark Bromley
Super Villain (NZ), Dos Santos

"I just wanted to let you know how awesome it was to see Wahlberg win his debut today. It doesn’t matter how many other winners you may have had – nothing beats being there at the track to see your horse win, especially on debut (it just keeps the dream alive). The jubilation and sharing of the occasion with family/other part-owners is always a buzz.

Congratulations to you (in particular) and Jason for making owning a Champion horse so enjoyable. John is an awesome trainer who tells it as it is (so good so far!) and Bryce is a great right hand man.

I’m now looking forward to seeing some of the babies in action over the next few months as well as Wahlberg hopefully charging through the grades.


Gavin Seto
Wahlberg (NZ), Ironfire (NZ), Truly Ready (NZ), Genache, Dos Santos, O’Reilly colt

"I really felt I should share this with you as you are a big part in my enjoyment of being involved in this dream!

You are the person who has answered all my questions, even if I could find them by looking... You gave me the confidence, along with the success of Number One Gun, to buy into another racehorse. I don't have much, but I've got good times ahead with the Champion horses, win or not.

I love it! Thank you so much."

Phill Cannan
Number One Gun, Truly Ready (NZ), Ammirata

"The team at Champion Thoroughbreds are great, friendly and very approachable people. They are more your mates, rather than business.

John's a normal guy who genuinely cares about his horses and what’s best for them and he always places them where they have a better than good chance of winning, which is important as an owner."

Roz Kelly
Carmine King, Target In Sight

"The communication at Champion Thoroughbreds is excellent and nothing is too much trouble for the team. They focus on quality in every aspect of their business including horse selection so the customer service is outstanding. Belle, Bryce, John and Jason have all been fantastic."

Vicki Sheils
Lightinthenite, Target In Sight, Winsomemore (NZ), Ammirata